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Continue the letters on the cards with those on the cube to find the longest word and call it out before your opponent in the fast paced 3D word finding game!

Words is a highly-competitive, intellectually challenging game for adult wordsmiths and competition junkies. But its simple letter grids and graphic cards lend themselves well to slower, more family-oriented play, during which children can learn spelling and creative problem-solving. Twizmo! Words has a home in the classroom as well as the game room.

  • Players use 9 random letters on the top of cube
  • Plus one Letter card to spell the longest word possible
  • Letters on the cube may be used in any order
  • Words may be used more than once to create your own word
  • Minimum word length is 4 letter
  • Longer words are worth more points
  • Quick shuffle of the cube reveals nine new random letters!

Ages 8 and up

Dimensions:  2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5"