Revo Black Label Luna Polycarbonate Luggage - Made in USA

Revo Black Label Luna Polycarbonate Luggage - Made in USA


The Revo Luna Collection is definitely a consumer best value! We are seeing an emerging trend towards hardside spinner luggage. In fact, the most popular composition in hardside luggage today is Polycarbonate plastic. This composition of plastic is extremely light weight, yet incredibly durable.


By now, you may be asking your self are all Polycarbonate Plastics the same? The simple answer is no, but the distinction is not as easy to determine, as the product descriptions can be rather ambiguous. On the low-end of the spectrum you will find Polycarbonate composite, which generally translates to a mixed composition of plastics, with a thin layered 'cap-sheet' of Polycarbonate on the surface layer only. This version is light weight, inexpensive, yet nowhere near as strong as the pure virgin form of Polycarbonate. In summary once the Polycarbonate sheet of plastic is molded into shape, the corners will not have the same integrity as that of the flat surfaces. Therefore, if you have the budget, my recommendation is to make the investment into Pure Virgin Polycarbonate.


A frequent traveler, will be more inclined to select the more durable, quality oriented version of this product. The industry leader in Polycarbonate luggage is approximately $700 for the basic airline carry-on compliant spinner suitcase.   


Allow me to introduce the Revo Luna Collection of luggage. This collection is made of Makrolon polycarbonate and manufactured in the USA. We are talking about 100% pure virgin polycarbonate, and not a composite of lesser quality. However, the range of prices for the wheeled spinner business case through the largest capacity 32" expandable spinner suitcase is $230 - $350. The lustrous high-gloss finish on these suitcases is quite eye-catching. Actually, they made me think of an expensive race car.


In summary, I do believe that you get what you pay for. Yet, when it comes to a consumer best value, this is unquestionably one of my favorites! The luggage is a show-stopper, and will certainly attract attention from other travelers. The quality is impressive, the suitcases are full featured and come with built-in TSA 3-dial combination locks. The product is available in Red, Blue, Purple or Black.