Who makes the best built luggage on the planet?

Who makes the best built luggage on the planet?

Check out Briggs & Riley's 4-wheel Spinners

Briggs & Riley Luggage wasn't the first in our industry to unveil the popular 4-wheel spinner suitcase. In typical Briggs & Riley fashion, they wanted to get it right before they launched their version. To their credit, they entered a crowded arena of softside spinners that were predominately low priced, with their well-built (practically indestructible) version. Of course, they weren't the lowest priced version on the block. Yet, as you would expect, they were the best built product on the market. In fact, they have to be, with their Simple as that® warranty. Briggs currently offers four collections in this 4-wheel spinner category, Baseline, Sympatico, ZDX, and Rhapsody.


Briggs & Riley Luggage has a huge customer following in both our retail and online stores. Their Simple as that® guarantee is simply ingenious. The customer never has to worry how the damage occurs, if the product is ever damaged, even by the airlines, Briggs will repair it no matter what! This is the most comprehensive luggage warranty in our industry. So when a customer is looking for durability, it is no small wonder that the Briggs & Riley product is their first consideration.

Another, selling point is the Outsider® handle system. A telescoping handle that is so durable it is purposely attached to the back panel and not concealed under the back panel. Additionally, this concept allows additional packing space, because there are no luggage cart tubes that cannibalize the packing space or wrinkle your clothing.

What makes the Briggs & Riley product so durable? The answer is the fabric, components, and workmanship. Briggs simply doesn’t settle for second best, otherwise they couldn’t dream of offering the industry leading warranty support program. Is there any room for improvement? Most of their customers would argue that Briggs builds the best suitcase on the planet!

As it turns out, customers like the idea of 4-Wheel Spinners. Well, the fact is Briggs & Riley is never the first on the block with any trend, most likely because Briggs will test and re-test the function and durability before they go to production. Based on this philosophy, it comes as zero surprise that they have just launched the finest soft-side luggage ‘spinner’ in our industry. To borrow from their current webpage, I am including the section that describes this product:

“For whatever direction your travels take you, get a Baseline Spinner! They feature:

  • Four 360° multi-directional spinner wheels for enhanced control and easy upright rolling
  • Integrated molded wheel frame for stability and smooth wheel action
  • Recessed wheels for increased durability
  • Innovative Outsider® handle for ample space and wrinkle free flat packing inside
  • Three-stage variable locking handle for travelers of all heights
  • Large front zippered pocket for additional storage”

The newest generation of Briggs & Riley Baseline now has the patented CX-Compression feature that allows you to pack more and then compress down to the original size as illustrated by the attached video


I own a luggage store, and could travel with any number of quality brands. I frequently get asked the question of what I use for my personal travels. I can answer that question today by saying I just added my newest piece the 25” Briggs & Riley Baseline Collection Spinner. So if you are looking to add to your existing luggage collection or replace something you are ready to retire, I strongly recommend that you consider the new Briggs & Riley Baseline Spinners. Once again Briggs & Riley DELIVERS!